david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  i have to be the biggest #@#& on the planet. i kept seeing your rad photographer nomination and didn't scroll down!! arg! i love the shadow and the jump shot!!!  7.15.08, 12:23pm
Zia Ray  These are the coolest...lots of really neat ones! You guys look like...well, yourselves, but better...really cool...can't wait to see the wedding pics!  7.8.08, 4:19pm
Nina  Ksen I love them! We had SUCH a great time and can't wait to share our wedding day with you! Thank you for everything :-)  7.8.08, 1:01pm
Aya  I love the shadow one! I like playing with shadows and taking pics of them but I always get a shadow of me taking a pic. Funny how that happens. Lol. Love the location too! How beautiful! It seems like it really fits and reflects the mood and personality of Nina & Nick. Beautiful pictures!  7.8.08, 10:08am