Kimberly  Oh my goodness!!!! There are just not enough words to tell you how amazing I think your photos are. They are not photos to me at all but works of art. Karen and Giancarlo are the most beautiful couple! There are so many incredible photos of their day, I can't even list my favorites because there are too many of them!!!! Ksenija, you are truly one of a kind. Every picture tells a story with passion and emotion, you really know how to capture a moment in time. I heart you :) Kimberly  6.30.08, 7:21pm
Renee  These are just beautiful! They are so crisp and clear like a book. Karen, you look like a model and so happy!  6.17.08, 5:35pm
heather essian  Oh Ksen you knocked this one out of the park! Every image is just stunning...I love that ring shot :)  6.13.08, 5:40pm
bobby b.  What a HOTTIE and a real cake too....nice touch... and a very lucky guy!!  6.11.08, 4:53pm
Brandy  This wedding and the photographs are amazing :)  6.10.08, 8:07pm
Syreena B  these images are absolutely stunning!!!! one of my favorite wedding images ever!!!........  6.10.08, 7:55am
kristen taylor  ksen, you are brilliant, absolutely brilliant as always!  6.7.08, 11:38am
danielle  SHOUT OUT to the beautiful, warm, truely happy couple!! Ksen and I were so lucky to capture all the love that was here on your special day! Here's to you both, may you always live in love!  6.6.08, 9:50am
Heather Savas  Ksen, this is incredible... EVERY image from this wedding is beautiful. I had tears in my eyes looking at them... especially the last special moment photo...fantastic!  6.6.08, 9:26am
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  every single image is gorgeous!!! wow blew me away on this wedding!!  6.5.08, 2:56am
Jasmine*  ROCK. IT. OUT!!! Loooved this wedding! :)  6.4.08, 6:59pm
heather saunders  ok, so i was crying at the "special moment photo" by the end of the post i was breathless. really incredible ksen, i would say you just get better every time! OOh and the cake looked scrumdillyishous! GORGEOUS!  6.4.08, 1:40pm
Gabriella  These are the most AMAZING photos I have ever seen! And such a beautiful couple!  6.4.08, 12:46pm
Lisa Ragsdale  Your pictures are just amazing!! I cried the entire time as it just brought me back to that wonderful day and all of the love between Karen and Gianny! Karen you are so beautiful - your smile makes me smile. I can tell this day was so great for both of you - and I know you have many more memories to create! I love you both (now I need to go wipe all of the mascara off my face!!) Congrats!  6.4.08, 12:40pm