Rebecca  Like I sad, the gift to see wth the eyes of God. Wonderful, wonderful!  12.24.09, 12:42pm
E'Lisa  Ksen-everytime I see your work I get a little short of breath. I am in love with your style and I get so inspired when I see your work. Simply stunning and heartfelt. :)  4.21.08, 6:28pm
kristen taylor  i LOVE the one of the two doors and the way you divided the frame exactly in half! love it!  4.21.08, 1:39pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  love love love the doggie in the window shot!! all very beautiful and love your pp! have an awesome weekend ksenija!!  4.18.08, 8:30am
danielle  Ksen...I love wednesday's whimsy! This especially, there is something so fimilar to me. I think that is your magic making something so foreign so fimilar.  4.17.08, 12:02pm
heather  Ksen, these images are LOVELY in every way, just beautiful. FIlled most definitley with PASSION, LIFE and LOVE! Thanks for sharing!  4.17.08, 9:26am
iris  my dear ksen! This ist the most beautiful declaration of love! Thank you every much even though I hate seeing me on this pics ;-) You're amazing! Cmok Iris and Cosmo  4.17.08, 8:29am
heather essian  Ksen! These are amazing! You must make a book of them :)  4.16.08, 8:29pm
Tinibambini  meni se krene da placem, kad vidim slike, toliko mi nedostajes. Draga moja, mnogo te volim i mislim na tebe! Prolepsala si mi dan! Cmok  4.16.08, 5:35pm
Tinibambini  Ksen, hvala ti puno. Obozavam sve slike, predivne su! Obozavam te Cmok Tijana  4.16.08, 5:28pm
abbyrose  awww, ksen, you are too cute!  4.16.08, 4:52pm