Danielle   Wow, these are amazing, they are both beautiful and wow, they could be models...some of the poses are fabulous!! Wow, gorgeous~thats all I have to say...great job ~!  12.16.07, 11:12am
Laura & Kris  We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your wonderful, heart felt compliments! Thank you so much! We are truely blessed to have such beautiful people in our lives! May God bless each and every one of you with all of your heart's desires! Love - Laura & Kris  12.5.07, 12:04am
ksen :)  THANK YOU to all of you with your incredible comments -- my heart is truly overwhelmed in the most happy way!! i feel so lucky to know Laura & Kris, as well. they are truly beautiful from the inside out... & seeing their unconditional love and support from their friends & family doesn't surprise me one bit!!! it is a wonderful thing. :D  12.4.07, 4:00pm
Kate Bennett  Beautiful again! It looks like you had so much fun!  12.4.07, 8:58am
Kristina  I love the pictures. Both wedding day and day after are stunning. Laura and Kris you both make a wonderful couple. Lots of happiness and love.  12.3.07, 8:33pm
ANNIE  Ksenja your absolutely an amazing photographer! you belong in Hollywood!! Laura and Kris you guys are such a beautiful couple and when I look at the photos I do get teary eyed. I enjoyed viewing the photos and cannot wait to see them all!! Love Annie (fellow aquarian)  12.3.07, 7:28am
Anita  Wonderful work! Ksenija - you are such a great artist and a very romantic soul! Laura&Kris - you look like movie stars! Like you are in fairy tale! I am proud to have such a lovely couple in my family! I love you both - vasa sestra Anita P.S. Laura, I love your hair!!!  12.2.07, 10:12pm
Maya  I am speechless right now. Laura you look like a gorgeous movie star and Kris is so handsome and refined. These pictures need to be in a high fashion magazine. The pictures just get better and better, I can not wait to see ALL of them. Ksenija you are amazing, I can not get over the work you do...your incredible! I love you guys so much!  12.2.07, 10:04pm
Doris  Dear God... So amazing. I will send u audio message, Laura, there u will hear all and then u can tell in short to Ksenija what I said. *hugs* and Congrats to all of you for these amazing art works!  12.2.07, 9:33pm
Laura (& Kris)  Anita (& Eddie) - We are honored to have you be our staro svatovi. We knew from the moment we got engaged that you were the right couple for that special part. We love you both very much! Thank you for everything!  12.2.07, 9:17pm
Laura (& Kris)  Ksen...from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the incredible photos and more so the amazing experience that I've had doing these sessions with you. I'm speechless, I sit here and wonder how you out did yourself once again! Genuinely, these photos touch my heart because you are able to capture the essence of Kris and myself. Sending all of my love your way...Laura (& Kris)  12.2.07, 8:57pm
Anita .N.  It took me a few minutes to compose myself after watching the slide show, it was AMAZING! I didn't think I had any more tears left after the actual wedding and the first sneek peek of the wedding pictures. Ksenija once again you have out done yourself-your work is absolutely breath-taking. Laura & Kris, I am so blessed to have two absolutely wonderful people in my life. Love you both!!! :) - P.S. Mike is one great photograher too, I saw the angle on that camouflage picture-too cute!!!  12.2.07, 2:34pm