Elyssa  First of all LOVE the new layout and everything about it! You inspire so many with your positive words. There are so many things that make me happy, some tangible and some are not. Here are a few: looking into my children's eyes, laying close to my children and breathing them in as they sleep at night, a beautiful sunny day, winter days with no wind and lots of tiny snowflakes, the feeling I get after teaching a kick butt Pilates/Barre class, that aha moment when you learn something new, getting a good nights rest, finding the perfect pair of jeans, receiving a special note/email/letter from someone you love. xo  5.15.15, 4:20pm
Jenn  my kids happy makes me happy!  5.15.15, 1:52pm
Carrie R  Love the layout! Jones makes me happy:) Great neighbors! And of course my little dudes!  5.15.15, 11:15am
mark  Is your husband allowed to enter the contest? Love the new blog layout, Ksen! It captures your style and features your best work! Nice work :)  5.15.15, 10:39am
E'Lisa Campbell  Beautiful new blog my friend. Spending time outdoors with my family makes me incredibly happy. XOXO!!  5.14.15, 9:55pm
Georgette   This is beautiful!  5.14.15, 1:40pm
Rebecca  Waking up each morning knowing that I have another day to praise God and seeing my grandchildren's smiles make me happy.  5.14.15, 12:32pm
Julie C  You have amazing talents, Ksenija! Thank you for continually putting smile on my face with your uplifting posts and inspirational messages. Happiness for me, is the sound of my girls giggling together. Nothing brings me more joy than hearing their happiness. :-)  5.14.15, 11:38am
Gina McCauley  What makes me Happy so many things. But to wrap it in one big package I have to say the Unconditional Love of God which in turn gives us the gift of every day. Which in turn gave me my Sister. So I am Happy for I got another day with Michele which is a gift.<3  5.13.15, 11:54pm
Dragana  Your work makes me happy!! :-) The blog looks awesome! Keep the good stuff comin, esp the adorable pics of Jobie! XoXo  5.13.15, 8:19pm
Heather McDonald  Liking this new set up. I have always enjoy your quotes. :)  5.13.15, 6:50pm
Ryan Spahn  These photos are gorgeous. You're a genius. It captured this special day incredibly - it's as if it was relived. What a talent you are. Thank you for collecting such beautiful storytelling.  12.29.14, 11:05pm
Abby  Reading your posts on the 'I want to know YOUR story' project just lifts my heart. It is easy to be upset, and easy to get wrapped up in the worries and details of everyday life, but this is such a wonderful reminder that while difficult, it is possible to choose happiness. Bravo - you're an inspiration to capture this.  6.13.13, 2:20pm
J.C.  I love what you do and all that you do. Keep up the fantastic work. You are an inspiration.  9.26.12, 1:13pm
ang  i LOVE this new intro! my passion...animals!!! i live my life..full of as much laughter as i can find! & i love everyone and everything that makes me smile:) most of all... YOU!!!  9.15.11, 10:07am
Sayo  Ksenija - it's BEAUTIFULLLLLL! i can't wait to visit you there one day :)  8.11.11, 7:48pm
The Zaremba's  Christmas Wishes are coming your way! We pray the New Year blesses all of you with good health, laughter & love. And in the words of the One who is the reason for this season, remember too "it is in giving (whether a smile or kind deed) that we receive." May there be an abundance of goodness in 2011 for your and yours! Kathy Z & family  12.24.10, 11:23am
Ana  I LOVE this blog. Thank you for your inspiration!!!  9.25.10, 3:30pm
Faizal  I have to admit that... I love most of your pictures so much..... It was very well taken.....  9.10.10, 4:40am
Abbey  You inspire me!  8.18.10, 1:39pm
ang  the new touches look even better... so how is that possible when it was the best to begin with???!!! LOVE the pink : )  8.5.10, 10:30pm
YGuerrero  WOW Ksen!!! The new blog is amazing!!!! I love it! really, the design team took a photo of your mind and made it, it's soooo you!!!! Congratulations!!!  8.3.10, 4:58pm
kristen holly  love the new blog, ksen!! it's absolutely beautiful, and so you!!  7.29.10, 5:33pm
Brett  Bravo on the new blog layout! Love it!  7.28.10, 9:12pm
Jessica  Your pictures are amazing! A friend was kind enough to share her engagement pictures (w/Butters and Timujin)! Your work is beautiful.  7.28.10, 8:31pm
kris rupp  Awesome Blog!!! I've been working with Dave and Brock for a few months, they are great!! You did a wonderful job getting you personality accross on your new blog. Congrats Ksen!  7.28.10, 11:43am
michie  AMAZING as is everything you do and are!!!!! I love you to the moon and stars and back.xooxoxox  7.27.10, 10:44pm
Brandy  Looks awesome :)  7.27.10, 8:31pm
ang  you continue to amaze & inspire me. i am so grateful to be part of ksp & for you in my life!  7.27.10, 11:37am
Chelsea LaPrairie  I learned about your amazing photography through Kristin Darga...a good friend of mine! I too, am in the creative field and truly admire your work! Your photographs are one of the best I've seen & keep me checking back often! :) Beautiful work!  11.18.09, 10:18am
maria  On a whim I was searching for photographers because one day I'd love to have professional photos done of my family and I came across your website. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that your photography is stunning.  10.7.09, 12:44pm
Glenn Snively  Ms. Sen, I'm totally diggin the new site Again i so look forward to working with you in the future... Glenn Professional Chauffeur  9.22.09, 10:47am
YGuerrero  Hi Ksen! No words to express how much I appreciate your kindness... I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. -Unknown GRACIAS!!! GRACIAS!!!  9.9.09, 10:29am
Sandy K  Ksen, Thanks so much for yesterday. What a whirlwind! I couldn't believe how fast the time went by. You are such a doll. I love how you are so patient with the little ones. I'm filled with excitement and am already looking forward to another documentation of my next Grandbaby even though one isn't even on the way yet!!! As I've said many times before, you are the BEST! Love you so very much. Sandy K  8.13.09, 7:14am
chels  This post is hot! ;) Great twitter comment on love...I've never thought of it that way! I hope you are having a blessed evening--I'm always so impressed by your magnetism to wonderful things in the world. It's always a pleasure to pop over to your blog for some inspiration...you have the most lovely soul. xo.chels.  6.4.09, 9:23pm
Angie  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  3.24.09, 7:28pm
Christy Lynn  That is just too cute.  3.16.09, 12:19pm
danielle  hey ksen!!! i just wanted to say i really really dig the new pics on the top of the blog they all look amazing! also congrats on brides michigan you deserve every inch of that page and beyond...see you tues  3.1.09, 7:38pm
martina & mIke (m&m)  Hi Ksenija,we LOVE your blog...is always FUN to look at all those beautiful pictures:) You are the best. P.S. Come to see us sometime in Florida!  2.27.09, 8:01pm
Laura  Happy Valentine's Day Ksen!!! Although I try to live in the essence of Love every day, today I thought it especially important to tell the one's I love that I appreciate having them in my life...so then, I am so thankful to have you in my life Miss. Savic! You are one of the most amazing people in the world & I am eternally grateful for your friendship! All my Love, Laura  2.14.09, 11:36pm
Dianah  Lovely Ksenija, thank you so much for posting the Ellen video! It made me laugh out loud and I really needed that!!  2.10.09, 7:05pm
Sam  I just found another great photo blog. www.dreamphotography.biz. They're two sisters that live in Saskatoon, Canada and they're just adorable and their photos are great. Thought you might want to take a look.  2.8.09, 3:36pm
jennifer eicher  Ksenija! Congrats on the 'silver medal' for the '4 the best competition' Arising Images is a tough one to beat. They've been around for a long time and won last year. I think you'll get the gold in no time... Miss you~ jennifer  9.12.08, 4:04pm
Deborah H.  Ksenjia.....you are so contagious! Your work just continues to progress in new and spectacular directions, and how smart of you to introduce your team to your fans! You are a gift to anyone blessed enough to work with you (or FOR you I'm sure!) Keep growing, and never stop smiling ; )  8.19.08, 4:11pm
ricki ford  I Love your blog  8.15.08, 9:22am
Goran Saban  Hi Ksenija, My cousin from Toronto passed me your web site and blog. Just want to say Hi from Montenegro!!! I am so happy to see that somebody from around here is doing so well, especially when it is about photography. I hope to meet you when I find myself on that part of the world. Sve najbolje i svaka cast!  7.26.08, 3:58am
Renee  These are just beautiful! They are so crisp and clear like a book. Karen, you look like a model and so happy!  6.4.08, 10:49pm
Brandy  Happy Birthday! May All Your Wishes Come True. Much Love!  1.26.08, 12:08pm
Jill   WOW Ksenija!! What beautiful photos. I recently got introduced to your website through Laura and I am blown away- you are very talented. I of course love the shots of Sammy and Leah, but then spent another hour looking at everything else. It is easy to get lost in your work! I am now wishing we were closer to have you capture my son too! All of the best to you!!  1.11.08, 1:59pm
joanne  I just love to see your work Ksenija I look on your website periodically just to see all the new stuff - I especially love the weddings and of course the kids weddings so beautiful and the kids so adorable. You bring the best out in everything you do as you say I heart it. Keep up the good work. Love, Joanne  12.7.07, 2:44pm
Bonnie Swope  Can I be the first to say these pictures of the Music Box Crew are simply amazing!! I have been anxiously waiting to see them after hearing what a great time everyone had and how incredible the proofs were, and might I say their enthusiastic reviews didn't do these photographs justice. They are even more wonderful than I imagined. Creative, hip, artistic and edgy. Just like all of the people I love at Music Box Productions. BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely recommend Ksenija Savic and Robert Bruce every chance I get.  12.4.07, 3:05pm
Laura  I heart Ksenija!  12.1.07, 7:54pm
ksenija  thanks SO much Mary! your words made me smile so BIG -- thank you very much!!!!  11.27.07, 1:01pm
mary  Mellisa Centra's wedding pix were the greatest! I did not attend the wedding, but you are the best photographer I have ever seen! Mary  11.27.07, 11:28am