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  Monday, 7.8.13


a letter to my son

  Wednesday, 3.25.15

becoming a mother has changed me in ways i didn't know it would
& as if my soul couldn't become more passionate about life & love,
it has seriously gone to a WHOLE new level.

our sweet babe somehow turned 6 months yesterday & I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY.
shocking, i know.

since having Jobie, my brain has been twirling with ideas & posts & thoughts to share…
so much so that it all has felt a bit overwhelming (in a good way).

so today, as promised, is just the start. i'm dusting off the good ol' finger tips & beginning by sharing a letter i wrote to my son, with a monthly picture sprinkled in between!

a couple quick notes to share first :

>> the stuffed animal, also know as 'LeMutt", & blankie that Jobie is pictured with below were my husband's as a child
>> a full birth story post to come
>> i couldn't get Jobie to stop shimming down the chair for his 6 month photo… which, of course, he thought was absolutely
hilarious. can't wait to see what transpires for our monthly photos in the next 6 months as he becomes more mobile!

my dearest Jobie Voja,

you are 6 months old today, March 24th, 2015,
& i can easily say that for the past 6 months i have started this letter to you far too many times in my head…
yet when it came to putting the pen to paper, i would seem to freeze --

"How in the world am i supposed to encompass the
tremendous LOVE
i have for you…

& ALL of my

for you in a single letter?"

& then it hit me -- I can't.
it is truly an impossible feat.

BUT, what i can do is at least start.
i can at least begin to describe to you what it means to be a Mom to you…
and how you single-handedly changed my life for the better
& gave me an ENTIRELY new outlook the moment you were born. somehow EVERY SINGLE DAY since then has just gotten better & better,
and my love for you
(as if it can't be ANY bigger already)
i literally miss you when you are sleeping.

so that my dear sweet boy,
is just the start.

& the best part is,
there will NEVER be an ending
because my love for you
will follow you wherever you go...

all of my love,


YOUR story : amanda

  Friday, 3.20.15

hello lovelies!
with my maternity leave & the addition of our sweet babe, it's been a little while since i have had the pleasure of sharing another i want to know YOUR story & i'd say it's about time for one! you with me?! thought so.

i can't think of a better person to start us off again than this inspiring chica!

without further ado,
please meet Amanda.
this is her story.

who are you, where are you from, what excites you, what is your PASSION... what's your story?

Some other names I answer to are:
lover of life,

I grew up in southern California and have been in Michigan since my teens.
I have always had an “old soul” - I knew I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, a wife and a mother.
And then that all happened.

Once my second child was born, I stayed home.
I nurtured, I cooked, I crafted, I exercised, I volunteered.
Our third baby was born and I offfically quit teaching-the job I always wanted.
Over the years, I tried to maintain my household …and myself.

When my husband and I first started dating, he tried to teach me to meditate.
He told me that I would get to a point where I would be so into it that if someone clapped, I wouldn’t flinch.
He clapped. I think I may have hit him.
And I didn’t meditate again for another good ten years.

I would spy him meditating and be a little envious of his peace;
the calm that he possessed during those few moments was pretty surreal.
As the years went on, he continued his Buddhist readings, practices and philosophies,
and while on a business trip,
he bought me a beautiful set of semi-precious gemstone mala beads.
I tried to wrap them around my wrist like he wore his mala beads, but they were too big.
So I put them around my neck. And I felt this energy surge through me.
And that’s when I continued to wear them often.

My best friend and I were preparing to go on a women’s yoga and meditation retreat in California last year,
and I decided to make her a set of mala beads.
I did a bit of research and found that amethyst (purple is her favorite color!) brings calm and eases anxiety.
I surprised her with the beads and everybody loved them.

When we returned from our trip,
I created another set for a good friend and posted the picture on Facebook.
Little Bird Soul was born.

I delved into research to find out what energies the semi-precious stones and crystals can bring to the wearer.
The custom orders continued.
We started a weekly meditation in the local park and it was so sweet to be able to sit in nature with members of our community.
The orders kept coming.

Mala beads are incredible for everyone because even if you are not sure about meditation,
the mala beads can be a quiet reminder to give yourself a few moments to take a deep breath
and to honor yourself with some peace and stillness.

I customize mala beads to suit every individual’s energy, budget and lifestyle needs.

This past fall,
I sold my first order to Yoga Shelter Rochester Hills.
This was a monumental moment because not only was it my first retail venue, but I also took a front desk job there.
I am able to be surrounded by peaceful, vibrant people AND get to sell my goods.
At this time, Little Bird Soul mala beads and jewelry are sold online and in 8 studios (including an out of state one)!

what are 3 words that describe you & your LIFE?

I am

what do you love? who do you LOVE?

I love the stories and emails that the people write.
I love the feeling of hope.
I love watching my beloved customers tear up and touch the mala beads I made specifically for them-each set tells a story.
I love the partnership that Brian and I have in everything we do. Nothing is bigger than US.
I love my imaginative kids,
my dogs,
and NAPS.
(I’m a much better person in life when I nap)

last, but not least,
what is your most favorite quote?!

My most favorite quote:
It does not mean to be in a place where there is no trouble, noise or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

I also have a tattoo with “three little birds” for MY three little “birds” and the words “be love”…

I’m a firm believer that we need to feed our creative spirits in order to tolerate the world.

thank you, Amanda, for sharing YOUR story.
you are AWESOME!!

check out Little Bird Soul for not only a special treat for yourself or a loved one,
but also for great inspiration!

with love & admiration,


want MORE
'i want to know YOUR story'?

get INSPIRED! just


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