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  Monday, 7.8.13


gwen, james, ben & elena

  Friday, 4.18.14

i had the pleasure of capturing a family that has been so dear to my heart for many, many years now & lives in one of my favorite places ever, Pittsburgh. whenever i am in Pittsburgh i have always felt a sense of 'home'... & this family definitely contributes to that special feeling.

you may even remember Gwen & Elena from a previous post on the this blog... when Elena was only 3! well, this family has grown so much since then, including the addition of their sweet pup, Coco.

below are some of my top faves from their session, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more images!

Gwen, James, Ben, Elena & Coco,,, thank you for ALWAYS making me feel right at home & for allowing me to capture this time in your lives together. your family is beautiful, inside & out, & the love that you all share is evident in every smile, glance, touch & moment. i hope these images make all your hearts smile BIG. with love & gratitude, always, ksen

the fam!
could they be a more gorgeous bunch, or what?!




to be a kid again... love everything about this image.

...and this one, too!

just like a family's love,
trees have unbreakable roots with many seasons full of change, color & newness.

not to mention just fun to play on!

Coco, the guard dog.

mother & daughter

my current version of one of my favorite pics from their last session

the ever-so radiant Gwen

HEART this series of all 3 kiddos below!

a mother's love shines from the inside out

...and touches all her children in their own unique & beautiful way.

what really happens when you try to take a family portrait

love this moment

Elena is quite the artist!

oh Coco! you are so pretty

Ben is quite the artist, too!

James has a passion for dirt biking...

...and decided to show me some of his moves!

the three amigos

family time

sibling love

...& sillyness!

Coco looooooves her Mama

thanks for adding so many smiles to my life you guys!
may these photos remind you HOW special your love is.

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their session!


rachel, matt, natalie & norah

  Tuesday, 4.1.14

if you know me, you know i speak often of my my incredible sister & brother-in-law, Rachel and Matt, and their daughters, my sweeeeeeeet nieces, Natalie & Norah, whom i LOVE to pieces! you may also remember them from this post!

needless to say, i absolutely love & adore my family -- to say they are a blessing in my life is an understatement. my heart is forever connected to theirs.

soon Rachel, Matt, Natalie & Norah will no longer be 4... as they will be joined by a baby brother!!! expected to arrive in April -- we all couldn't be MORE excited to meet this little man!

below are some photographs i was honored to capture of them in this precious time just before he makes his debut. be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more images!

Rachel, Matt, Natalie, Norah... & baby boy Ostach! life is SUCH a blessing, and the fact that i get to be a part of yours is truly such a gift. thank you for being YOU... for inspiring, encouraging, loving & for always being there. my life is fuller & more beautiful because you are in it. love you all so much... & cannot wait to meet you, baby boy Ostach! with love & gratitude, always, ksen

there's a new kid coming to town!

...and already surrounded by so much LOVE!


i may be biased, but are these two seriously the cutest or WHAT?!!!

those TOES!

the fam!

i mean..........


the truly glowing & absolutely radiant Rachel


big sisters Natalie & Norah are so excited to meet their baby brother!


such. a. beauty!!!


rach + matt =

love everything about this image.


all hands on the baby bump!
sending him lots & lots of LOVE.

Grandma Kitty, too!

Rach, Matt, Natalie & Norah...
may you always remember this precious time in your lives,
and cherish how special your family & LOVE is.
love you all with all of me!

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their session!


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